Writing beyond the doctorate

Handle With Care is now available as an ebook on Amazon

Handle With Care was written when both myself and co-author Dr Caroline van de Pol were completing our MA in Creative Writing. We had both experienced high-risk or complex pregnancy on our journeys to motherhood, and had felt alienated by the usual pregnancy books on the market.

As journalists, we realised there was a gap in the market for a book that spoke to our experiences and helped other women find a narrative for their special – and precious – journeys.

We decided to tell these stories.

Specialist obstetricians have praised Handle With Care and recommended it as a book for the medical profession to better understand the range of issues facing women with high-risk pregnancies. Handle With Care has been used in Australian midwifery courses to provide an insight into the personal experiences of women experiencing high-risk or complex pregnancy. Handle With Care contains well researched and practical advice and clear reassurance that no parent need ever feel alone or a failure if their pregnancy or birthing experience is less than ideal.

You can buy the Kindle version of the book online

Handle With Care is now available from Amazon on ebook for $3.99, and represents the start of the authors’ journey’s into academic research and an interest in complex health issues that are explored further in their subsequent work.

In her new memoir, (Back to Broady) which she worked on for her PhD in Creative Writing, Caroline reveals her sister’s devastating descent into mental illness and the impact it had on her as a young mother. My fiction and academic research for both the MA and PhD in Creative Writing focuses on monstrosity, maternity and hybridity in science fiction.