My journey with the human animal hybrid

“Human cloning is illegal – this isn’t human, entirely…”

– Splice, 2009. Directed by Vincenzo Natali.

I have an ongoing fascination with the human animal hybrid, which I researched as part of my MA and PhD in Creative Writing. The hybrid is a theme in my creative practice, from the exhibition I curated (My Monster) at RMIT Gallery in 2018, to my latest creative work. Here is a snippet….

I had him pinned to the Old Anatomy School’s faded sandstone wall.

My high heeled, steel spiked boot pushed hard against his chest. His breath was shallow, eyes wide with fear. The stench of desperation emanated from his pores.

I inhaled deeply. I loved what I could do to men like this.

“Please. I have children.”

“So? You want me to eat them, too?”

He whimpered.

Not like a dog, I might add. Some dogs are my best friends.

No, he groveled like a pig. Pigs are smart. Pigs are dangerous. Pigs have always been my enemy. My nose twitched. I knew there was something about the professor that wasn’t quite right. Always trust your first instinct. The one the rational mind doesn’t filter out.

“My mother always said, don’t talk to strangers. She told me to play with them first.” My hand, human mode, toyed with his hair. I enjoyed men with thick, dark hair. Men as tall as me. Tasty men. Smart men. But alas, men like the professor were my undoing. I should stick to trawling the Kings Street nightclubs, rather than decayed university buildings. Men used to sniffing out nuances between words and looking at shadows in meanings had a way of seeing the animal in me before I was ready.

c. Evelyn Tsitas.

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